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5on Google,May 23, 2023


Best in the business

5on Google,Mar 08, 2023


Had a 1 year lease and the group was always responsive. They were great managers and intermediaries between the landlord. Although it was frustrating that the property I lived in was for sale and there were multiple showings during my time there, they always provided notice. Any maintenence issues were resolved quickly.

5on Google,Mar 06, 2023


Best Property Manager I’ve worked with. After several years they have been a great partner. No nickel and dime, dilapidated units, or ignored tenants. All tenants have been high quality, so the leasing arm is very effective. They also provide great practical sage advice for odd scenarios. This is always my go to when recommending a property manager.

5on Google,Feb 02, 2023


Green Ivy provided a great service and helping rent out my unit. They took care of any issues and could always get someone new into the unit. There was never any down time it was sitting empty.

5on Google,Dec 15, 2022


Green Ivy took great care of us! They respond in a timely manner and take care of all issues without a hassle. 10/10 would recommend.

5on Google,Nov 01, 2022


New tenants and great experience with quick communication and quick resolutions to any issues or concerns!

5on Google,Oct 31, 2022


Very responsive to any issues. Good communication and easy process. Would recommend them!

5on Google,Oct 22, 2022


Staff is wonderful. Been doing business with them for 10+ years.

5on Google,Sep 16, 2022


Friendly and very professional staff.

Recommendedon Facebook,Sep 15, 2022


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